COPRA4 is a powerful dailies tool for reviewing and collaborative approval.

It consists of the sleek and easy-to-use iPad application and a higly capable Browser-based CMS for watching and collaborating on dailies.

With COPRA it´s possible to work with your dailies beyond simply watching your shot material. You can provide graphical annotations, manage all your metadata, color correct, even export look files back into your camera and much much more.

Have a look at all the features:

Referenzen1001 Grams, Syngue Sabour – Stein der Geduld, Miss Sixty, More than honey, Das Bernstein-Amulett
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TeamGeorg Miros, Celine Eyrond, Nena Stauber, Sabrina Rühl, Robert Glöckner, Thomas Ramin